About Laava

We are an Australian technology company that has created the patented Laava Smart Fingerprint, The Global Mark of Trust™. Our Sydney-based team are passionate about protecting products from global counterfeiters and connecting business owners directly with their consumers. In export markets around the world, there are now millions of Fingerprints on products like cherries, wine, luxury goods and pharmaceuticals.

Where we started

We recognised the world is moving to more things being scannable, while at the same time there’s ever-increasing issues with QR code vulnerabilities. We believe producers and brand owners work too hard to have their products exploited by global counterfeiters. We also believe that consumers should get what they pay for: they should get the real thing. So that’s where we started.

Laava was founded in March 2017: since launching to market in 2019, millions of Smart Fingerprints have already been deployed around the world.

Laava Smart Fingerprints®, About Laava

What's in a name?

The ‘Laava’ name is representative of our approach to building the most secure and engaging unique product mark in the world.

Creating randomness is key to ensuring security within the field of cryptography. The physical world around us provides so many influences for true randomness that cannot be imitated by computers or machines alone.

One such example is the random nature of the fluid mechanics within a lava flow. The organic and unpredictable nature of a lava flow inspired the scientific process for creating Smart Fingerprints, from their secure generation through to their detection in scanning.

Laava, Proven Technology

Proven technology

The Smart Fingerprint technology has been proven by Laava customers including Reid Fruits and Mildura Fruit Company.

We have found ourselves in the media, for all the right reasons, and we partner with leading blockchain, traceability, marketing, printing and labelling partners to deliver integrated, end-to-end solutions for our customers.

Laava Smart Fingerprints®, Proven technology

Laava people

Our team are industry-leading in the fields of optical recognition, applied mathematics and research, as well as user and consumer engagement. They’re experienced and equipped to continue to grow the number of Laava Smart FingerprintsⓇ that appear on labels and packaging around the world.

We feel really good about helping to safeguard products from counterfeiters and empowering brands and consumers to connect directly.

Laava has attracted a range of savvy investors who recognise the potential and further applications of this innovative technology. If you are interested in finding out more about investment opportunities with us, contact Gavin Ger, Laava CEO and Co-Founder, via email: gavin@laava.id.

Laava, Gavin Ger, Joint CEO and Commercial Director

Together we can do more

Working together, we can add more value to clients than we could alone. Please get in touch to discuss your ideas for working together. Contact us. Let’s start a conversation today.