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We want to make things as quick and easy as possible, so we’ve created a range of tailored guides. They contain important and useful information about our systems and processes – helping you to succeed with Laava. If you’re not sure which guides are relevant to you, contact us. Our Customer Support team can point you in the right direction, or offer personalised advice relating to your business needs.

Laava Developer Portal

The Laava Developer Portal is a collection of resources for developers to learn about the Laava platform. The Portal provides:

  • walkthroughs to help you get started with Laava
  • details around the platform concepts and APIs
  • code samples to help you get started with your application development

These and other resources can be found in the Laava Developer Portal, including straightforward overviews of:

Laava Manage, our cloud platform which allows Laava’s customers and partners to:

  • manage their own projects and collections
  • order and download Laava Smart Fingerprints
  • add and maintain variable data through metadata or webhooks
  • build multi-language results screens using Laava’s Digital Experience Builder
  • Access Laava Analytics and extract the data for integration to existing BI tools

The Developer Portal makes it simple to integrate Laava with your existing systems, including:

  • marketing, ecommerce and connected packaging platforms
  • traceability and supply chain management solutions
  • ERP platforms
  • blockchain, NFT and Web3 solutions
  • other applications where Laava adds a trusted on-product, on-document authentication layer

Print specifications

Your packaging is at the frontline between your brand and your consumers. Connected packaging offers consumers the ability to experience the brand before, during and after consuming the physical items – and to enjoy and share the product in a virtual setting online, including in the metaverse.

It’s essential that businesses get the best value out of this prime real estate. That’s why we’ve made it easy to integrate Laava Smart Fingerprints into your packaging and labelling solutions.

Laava’s Print Specifications Guidelines include essential information on:

  • deploying Laava Smart Fingerprints on various product packaging and labelling form factors
  • sizing, placement, colouring and finishing guidelines for reliable scanning
  • calls-to-action and other techniques to draw consumers to your connected packaging offering 
  • other on-product considerations.

Expert customer and partner support

While our online guides are comprehensive, our supportive team is keen to answer your questions and help you get started with Laava.

You might also like to review our Frequently Asked Questions.

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Laava Smart Fingerprints®, product authentication technology

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