CherryHill Orchards與Laava合作保護其品牌和消費者

為了確保消費者獲得真實的東西並了解他們的櫻桃的故事,CherryHill Orchards在2020-21澳大利亞季節期間將Laava智慧指紋®技術應用於其在澳大利亞和國際市場的櫻桃盒上。

The project

  • CherryHill Orchards在2020-21澳大利亞賽季期間將Laava智慧指紋®技術應用於其在澳大利亞和國際市場的櫻桃盒上。
  • CherryHill還投資於一流的行銷和消費者參與能力,包括面向亞洲消費者需求的複雜社交商務平臺,以及直接在CherryHill自己的網站中構建的掃描功能。
  • Laava櫻桃盒可供國內和亞洲出口市場的CherryHill消費者使用,包括新加坡,馬來西亞,印尼,中國,越南,香港和韓國。


In many communities cherries are an important part of any celebration; gifting cherries is a symbol of prosperity and generosity. Conscious consumers want to know that the fruit inside the box is indeed what is written on the label: premium, handpicked, fresh Australian cherries.

The addition of Laava Smart Fingerprints® on CherryHill boxes gave the brand an unprecedented level of protection for shoppers, especially those in export markets such as China, who want to know they are buying real Australian premium fruit – not counterfeits. The Laava Smart Fingerprint® on the packaging allows shoppers the opportunity to verify the authenticity of each individual box.

Consumers were also connected with CherryHill’s strong brand story, including the opportunity to engage with photos of the orchards and fruit-picking, event invitations, and more.

CherryHill’s innovative social media and promotional strategy raised awareness among conscious consumers of the problem of counterfeit cherry boxes, prompting them to scan to be sure they were buying an authentic product. Care was taken to tailor the consumer experience to the needs of both Asian and domestic consumers, as well as integrate Laava with CherryHill’s online brand presence.

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