Announcing our 2021 strategic partnership with Tamburlaine Organic Wines

In quite possibly our biggest news so far, Laava is thrilled to announce that Tamburlaine Organic Wines has returned for a second season with our biggest run yet: more than 2 million individual Laava Smart Fingerprints® across the Tamburlaine range.
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Announcing our 2021 strategic partnership with Tamburlaine Organic Wines

Bottles of Tamburlaine Organic Wines from its 2021 season will feature a unique Laava Smart Fingerprint® that consumers can scan to:

  • dig deeper… to learn more about Tamburlaine’s passion for regenerative farming, organic practices and environmental sustainability
  • digitally verify authenticity… to ensure they’re getting the real thing.

Each Laava Smart Fingerprint® is unique to each bottle of wine, enabling Tamburlaine to tailor their customers’ experiences according to their favourite label.

This year the Tamburlaine collection includes a very special range – the True Earth Collective with Jamie Durie – for which we partnered with fractional share rewards provider Upstreet.

True Earth Collective with Jamie Durie, Upstreet and more

Tamburlaine and Jamie Durie teamed up to create a small batch of wines called the True Earth Collective, set to do a whole lot of good, in a whole lot of ways. As is the Tamburlaine way, the very limited, quality releases are from organically-certified vineyards – but these wines also come with extra benefits.

  • For every bottle of True Earth purchased, consumers are also donating $2 to Planet Ark’s National Tree Day, supporting their efforts to plant over one million new trees, shrubs and grasses each year.
  • For every bottle of wine, the customer is entitled to receive ethical shares on the Australian Stock Exchange, via Upstreet. It’s easy to connect with Upstreet and claim those rewards – just scan the Laava Smart Fingerprint® on the bottle.

Laava is the secure gateway to rewards: how it works

The Laava Smart Fingerprint® is the secure on-bottle trust mark for not just redeeming Upstreet rewards but also connecting to unique brand experiences. When a customer scans the Fingerprint (via the browser on their smartphone), they activate the secure gateway to connect directly with the Tamburlaine True Earth Collective experience.

  • Customers who scan the Fingerprint are connected with micro-investment platform Upstreet and can sign up to receive $4 per bottle in fractional shares of a sustainability Exchange Traded Fund, in line with Tamburlaine’s environmental goals. Upstreet takes us through it step by step here.
  • Customers who scan each unique Fingerprint are also granted access to Tamburlaine’s ‘vine to wine’ story, with exclusive content and promotions.

While we want everyone who comes across the Fingerprint to scan and experience the Tamburlaine story, the Upstreet offer is different…

… how could we ensure that the share rewards offer for each bottle purchased was redeemable only once? 

Laava and Upstreet worked together to ensure that the fractional share offer for each bottle purchased could be redeemed only once: after the customer who scans the Fingerprint creates an Upstreet account and claims their shares, the mechanism is switched off. That’s possible only because every single Laava Smart Fingerprint® is unique – like a fingerprint (and unlike a QR code, which is easily copied and easily hacked).

Laava Smart Fingerprints, News from the packaging industry

The grapes for the True Earth Collective were selected from organic vineyards across Central West New South Wales. Three wines are available to buy exclusively online and at the Tamburlaine Cellar Door, for as long as stocks last.

2 million bottles of wine to feature Laava Smart Fingerprints®

But wait… there’s more. Two million more!

In our biggest rollout yet, bottles of Tamburlaine wine released this season will feature a Laava Smart Fingerprint®. That’s across Tamburlaine’s ranges including:

  • On the Grapevine
  • Wine Lovers
  • Mark Davidson
  • Reserve Wines
  • True Earth Collective.

And because every wine is different, each Fingerprint is unique to each bottle, enabling Tamburlaine to tailor their customers’ experiences according to the label they buy.

Announcing our 2021 strategic partnership with Tamburlaine Organic Wines

This is the result of a hugely rewarding strategic partnership with Tamburlaine, who have always led the way in organic wine making and are now taking giant strides into the world of connected packaging and digital storytelling. To bring a collaboration on this scale to life, though – it does take a village. It’s the Laava way to tap into the expertise of – and inspiration from – innovators, thought-leaders and influencers. For this season, it’s been an absolute pleasure to work closely with such dedicated, flexible and knowledgeable partners as:

As part of this project, Laava and Tamburlaine are also taking part in a PhD program at the University of Newcastle, with Laava as the industry technology partner.

We are so proud of this collaboration and think it’s an amazing showcase of connected packaging and digital storytelling at its best. Laava has made it possible to:

  • securely connect wine buyers with wine makers
  • connect all the partners required to deliver a special experience: Upstreet, Jamie Durie, Planet Ark and of course Tamburlaine.

In the news

We’ve been excited to see the buzz for this connected packaging innovation. Keen to read more? Check out the links below.

You can also track the announcement via our LinkedIn feed to see how it played out in real time.


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