Laava: Protecting and enhancing brands across the globe

Connected packaging solutions have wide appeal, but not all are created equal – and not all are suitable for the world’s mass premium products, which often have specific brand protection and digital storytelling needs!

All around the world, in every sector, businesses are using Laava Smart Fingerprints® to protect their brands and deliver class-leading consumer experiences. We’ve assembled a selection from our growing global customer base. ​
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Laava® is fast becoming known as ​The Global Mark of Trust™ – it’s for every business, everywhere, for use on every type of product. A wide assortment of products now feature Laava Smart Fingerprints for:

  • brand protection, for confidence in product authenticity, channel integrity and core claims
  • provenance and traceability, for 2-way integration with ERP, traceability, DLT, NFT and eCommerce platforms
  • storytelling and engagement, for rich consumer engagement, storytelling, rewards and more.

“Laava provides the gateway to trusted experiences for products, documents, assets, NFTs and digital platforms. Our brand protection and packaging solution turns any product into a connected product.”

Gavin Ger, Joint CEO and Commercial Director, Laava

Read on to learn about just a selection of Laava customers who are leveraging the power of connected packaging and digital storytelling.

Pharmaceuticals and Wellness


Laava Smart Fingerprints now protect a range of products for Australian manufacturer of nutraceutical and wellness products, Biogency:

  • NAD+ product Synext and Synext Lite
  • hair health product Piliant
  • men’s health supplement VMAN
  • Beauty Skin, supporting skin and collagen health 
  • Bonefits, for bone and joint health as well as general health and wellbeing.

In its export markets in South-East Asia, Biogency had fallen prey to illegitimate producers copying their labelling. With brand protection from Laava, Biogency’s customers now receive assurance that they’re buying the genuine product.

“The unique design of the Laava Smart Fingerprint, and the scanning experience, makes Biogency products stand out from other products that use traditional QR codes.”

Jimmy Tang, CEO, Biogency

PHCann International Cannabis

As world markets open up to medicinal cannabis treatments, it’s absolutely crucial that users can be sure of source ingredients’ provenance and purity. We’re working in this space with CanngeaNYSK Holdings and PHCann International.

Personal Protective Equipment

More than 32,000 individual Foxcil Face Space PPE face shields were secured with Laava Smart Fingerprints at the height of the pandemic. This innovative partnership with Sydney-based specialist printer Foxcil also featured an innovative “security seal” label for extra assurance, as well as innovative support resources for health professionals.

Wines and Beverages

Tamburlaine Organic Wines

Tamburlaine sought a secure on-product gateway to show proof of authenticity, verify environmental and sustainability values, and tell its brand story in an engaging way – allowing consumers to feel part of the wine’s journey from grape to glass. This exciting collaboration culminated in a unique offering in partnership with fractional rewards specialist Upstreet.

Hayes Family Wines

Hayes Family Wines designed their scan experience to easily enable their customers to re-order their favourite wines, simply by scanning the Laava Smart Fingerprint on the bottle. Through their connected packaging experience, Hayes also offered exciting competitions and experiences.

Vinsent Certified Chateau Angelus

Moving into the NFT space, Laava delivered the scannable on-product trust mark for individual bottles of wine linked to the NFT behind them – for our specialist wine partner Vinsent, who creates wine futures tradable as NFTs.

​​Aluvión Vineyards

On a mission to educate wine lovers around the world about the Uco Valley winemaking region, Aluvión Vineyards are using Laava Smart Fingerprints on bottles of Argentinian wine distributed across high-end restaurants in Australia.

Lark Distillery

To celebrate its 30th anniversary, Lark Distillery, creator of the finest quality Tasmanian whisky and spirits, has trialled deploying Laava Smart Fingerprints to authenticate product bound for its discerning customers in Asian markets. When consumers scan the Fingerprint on Lark’s elegant, custom-designed labels – which feature an innovative safety seal, an engaging results screen showcases the brand’s rich history.

Walking With Giants (Swift & Moore)

With the aim of showcasing the Yea Valley wine-growing region, Laava’s supermarket debut in participating Aldi stores engaged customers with vibrant marketing content, including an online competition to win a case of Walking With Giants wine.

Consumer and Luxury Products

Hey Dude Shoes

Born in Italy but raised in the world, Hey Dude shoes are coveted by consumers around the globe. The luxury brand, recently bought by Crocs for $2.5 billion, engaged Laava to protect and enhance their brand through on-product authentication, in-market tracking and engaging consumer experiences.

“Hey Dude Shoes are excited to partner with Laava for our brand protection solution for the coming SS22 season.”

Christopher Martin, Head of ECommerce, Hey Dude Shoes

Michael Yamashita

Once again in the NFT space, Laava provided the secure on-product gateway to blockchain-backed NFT records for world-renowned photographer Michael Yamashita’s NFT collection. This was achieved by deploying Smart Fingerprints on both PDF and physical certificates of authenticity for the collection. 


IndigiLedger is a technology platform that harnesses the power of blockchain to protect Indigenous Australian artists, as well as to prevent consumers from buying counterfeit products. Laava and Indigiledger partnered to provide proof of authenticity and protect the work of First Nations artists, as well as tell the stories behind the works.

Premium Foods

Selecionados Uniagro

As part of its 30th anniversary celebration, Brazilian company Selecionados Uniagro launched a Laava-supported campaign to demonstrate its sustainability and nutrition credentials. The Laava digital experience also invites consumers to enter an exclusive competition to win a prize package of Uniagro’s premium organic products.

J3 Freshstore

In New Zealand, Laava worked with J3 Freshstore to provide ‘tree to toast’ traceability for growers and consumers of avocados destined for sale in both local and export markets, as well as serve up exciting competitions, recipes and other digital experiences.

Pink Lady Apples

Speaking directly to shoppers in China and other key export markets, our work in collaboration with James Tyler and Apple and Pear Australia Limited (APAL) saw digital brand experiences delivered in Mandarin, via our WeChat mini-program.

Dragon Tasmania

As part of a team of technology experts, Laava provides a suite of traceability and authentication tools – as well as innovative consumer engagement platforms – for Dragon Tasmania’s Wild Tasmanian Southern Rock Lobster. They call it the Jewel of the Southern Ocean… and it’s the first lobster with a fingerprint!

Glacier 51 Toothfish

As part of a consortium demonstrating the provenance, traceability and other fine qualities of this globally famous seafood brand, Laava supplied the secure, scannable on-product markings to assure consumers that they are getting what they paid for.

Document and Asset Integrity


Laava Smart Fingerprints are in use to protect the integrity of certificates issued by the Harmonised Australian Retailer Produce Scheme (HARPS) certificates – enhancing trust for certificate holders and reviewers.

Reid Fruits

The grower of Premium Tasmanian cherries required counterfeit protection for its export markets in South-East Asia, resulting in an ongoing and expanding partnership encompassing verification, certificate authentication and engaging multilingual campaigns.

World Free Zones Organization

Global industry body World Free Zones Organization chose Laava to provide the proof point for its digital membership certificates, providing the highest standards of document verification and security.

This is just a sample of success stories, chosen to demonstrate the cross-sector appeal of Laava Smart Fingerprints. Organisations and consumers around the world, in a wide variety of industries, are using Laava’s secure connected packaging solution – for brand protection, provenance and traceability, and class-leading digital storytelling and consumer engagement.

Ready to take the next step in your connected packaging journey? Contact our Customer Sales team to get started with Laava Smart Fingerprints – The Global Mark of Trust.

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