Laava Privacy Manifesto

1. Privacy Manifesto Introduction

This document is our Privacy Manifesto. This explains our policies that affect you and your privacy as a user of a Laava Fingerprint.  Most importantly, we do not collect personal information about you when you scan a Laava Fingerprint.

We have a separate Laava Corporate Privacy Policy that only applies in the limited circumstances in which we have to collect personal information, such as if you apply for a job with us, or seek to invest in, or work with Laava (as a representative of a partner, customer, supplier or service provider), or if you contact our help desk or submit query.If that includes you, then this separate policy may apply. You can find our Corporate Privacy Policy.


2. Summary

Some questions and answers about what we do:

Q: What happens to my personal information when I scan a Laava Fingerprint?

A: Nothing, because we don’t collect any personal information when you scan a Laava Fingerprint.  We don’t require log-ins, phone numbers or emails to scan a Laava Fingerprint, so to us everyone is a completely anonymous user.

Q: Are brands able to see any of my personal information when I scan a Laava Fingerprint?

A: No.

Q: Does Laava use tracking cookies or advertising cookies on its mobile app?

A: No.

Q: Can I engage with a Brand after I scan a Laava Fingerprint and provide them with my personal information?

A: Yes if you specifically agree to do this.  We provide the capability for brands that use our Laava Fingerprints to connect with you and in some circumstances they might request your personal information.  However, Laava does not collect any personal information from you – any personal information you disclose is provided directly by you to that Brand.

3. Your privacy is important to Laava

At Laava, your privacy always comes first.  We will not identify you or collect your personal data. We will not see or collect any of your personal information when you scan Laava Fingerprints.  This is why we don’t require you to have an account with us or use any log-in. We will not collect phone numbers, emails or any other personal information, nor any device information which could be used to identify you such as your phone number, MAC address, device ID or GPS location.

When you scan a Laava Fingerprint we provide you a safe, private and worry-free experience with no prying eyes.

4. What information is collected when I scan a Laava Fingerprint?

Every Laava Fingerprint is unique, which means that no two Laava Fingerprints are the same. The Fingerprint will help you to see the history of the thing it is attached to.

Each time you scan a Laava Fingerprint, we capture a picture of that Laava Fingerprint and some other data that helps us authenticate the Fingerprint for you and update its history.  That history includes which Brand issued it, and the rules that have been set for that particular Laava Fingerprint. This will normally include, the number of times a Laava Fingerprint has been scanned, information of the region and when scans are taking place. We may also capture some limited information to help us process your scan such as camera and phone settings.  

To maintain a high quality of service and performance, we record an anonymised scanner ID with each scan of a Laava Fingerprint.  For security reasons, this anonymised scanner ID is automatically deleted from our Laava Fingerprint scan logs after 90 days. A secondary anonymised ID is used to minimise security risks for everyone.  These two anonymised ID are not related and cannot be traced back to you or your personal information.

If you scan Laava Fingerprints using a “browser-based” scanner, we may collect some data when you visit our website.  This is discussed in section 7.

Importantly, all the information we collect when you scan a Laava Fingerprint is anonymised so there is nothing personal about you that Laava ever collects.

5. Your Scanning History

When you scan a Laava Fingerprint, your scan history is only stored on your device and available to you for your convenience. You can choose to delete one or all your scans at any time.  Laava cannot see nor recreate your full scanning history.

We are working towards providing a means for you to back-up and restore your scan history.

6. Location information

Laava does not collect or use your device’s GPS location.  The information we collect about your device’s location is limited to basic regional information, usually derived from your IP address (which we do not store).  

In the future Brands may have a useful feature where your GPS location might be helpful to both you and them – for example, sharing a location may be needed to authenticate a ticket at a venue.  However, if you choose to share any location information it won’t be seen or captured by Laava.

7. How does Laava use cookies?

Although we don’t use cookies in the Laava mobile app, if you scan Laava Fingerprints using a browser-based scanner, we may use browser-based cookies to allow you to access your scanning history on your device (see section 5 above).  This scan history won’t be seen or captured by Laava.

8. Sharing information with our partners and customers

Brands are often interested in analysing their Laava Fingerprints scanning records.  We share scanning information about Laava Fingerprints with Brands, usually in an aggregated form.  When we share information with Brands, we are only telling them what they need to know, such as where, when and how many times their Laava Fingerprints were scanned.  Since we don’t ever collect your personal information, we can’t ever share that sort of information.

We do allow Brand to engage with you on a personal basis when you scan a Laava Fingerprint, and as a part of this process, Brand may request personal information from you.  At Laava sharing any personal information is always done on a transparent and opt-in basis. You’re always in charge and able to choose what you share. Laava won’t see or collect your personal information, instead any personal information you share will be collected and handled by Brand in accordance with their privacy policies, which you will be asked to accept.  You’re always in charge.

9. How to contact us

If you have any questions or comments about this Privacy Policy, please don’t hesitate to contact us as follows:

Contact: Privacy Officer

Address: Ground 1, 1 Francis Street,
Darlinghurst NSW 2010


Phone: +61 2 6190 0618

Last updated: 26 November 2018