Become a Laava partner

At Laava, we focus on what we do best. For everything else, we partner with the best in the business. Laava has one of the industry’s most innovative partner programs, including white-labelling, revenue sharing and reseller/distributor options. We believe in ‘win-win’, which is why our partner network keeps growing!

Traceability, blockchain and ERP platforms

Laava supports easy two-way integration with all traceability, ERP, blockchain, NFT, and marketing platforms. Laava Smart Fingerprints are the secure on-product gateway you have been looking for – far more secure than QR codes, and much more cost-effective and easy to deploy than NFC.

Laava can be fully white-labelled, and includes drag-and-drop digital experience content tools, as well as sophisticated analytics. Platform partners can also choose to bypass the Laava digital platform completely and redirect to theirs. Laava has a full suite of APIs, is extremely fast and easy to deploy for full systems interoperability.

Forensic, covert and brand protection partners

For absolute brand protection confidence, Laava partners with covert and forensic brand protection technology and services providers. This provides consumers and supply chain partners with the confidence that both the product’s contents – as well as its packaging – are authentic.

Because Smart Fingerprints are an overt technology, Laava complements covert and forensic technology solutions – enabling our partners to deliver serialisation, digital storytelling, and consumer engagement capabilities – all via the white-labellable Laava platform. It’s a powerful combination that’s proven in the market.

Print and packaging specialists

Laava makes connected packaging and smart labelling a secure and accessible option for businesses of all sizes. We are opening up new design frontiers and enabling our print and packaging partners to create exciting, differentiated and value-added bundled offerings for their clients.

Marketing, services and platforms

Laava provides the trusted and engaging on-product gateway you have been looking for. It is a springboard to building immersive consumer experiences that are unique, right down to the individual item – and with a degree of trust and visual aesthetics which are not possible with a QR code.

Marketing professionals can embed a branded Laava scanner directly within the client’s website, and tailor scan-result screens. This creates a seamless and engaging experience for consumers.

Industry stakeholders and collaborators

Laava provides a trustworthy and engaging solution that enables your members and brands to prove the claims behind their industries, regions and brands. Do your members want to have their products verified and then directly engage with their consumers at the point of purchase and beyond? We can help you achieve this goal.

APAC Provenance

One of our key partnership alliances is via APAC Provenance. Laava is a founding member and together we are creating trusted, resilient and efficient supply chains for exporters.

Laava Smart Fingerprints®, Partnerships

Better together

Working together, we can bring the best of our combined capabilities to help brand owners achieve more. At Laava, partnering is in our DNA, and we believe that everybody can benefit for long term sustainable business.