Victor Silveira

Head of LATAM

Laava, Victor Silveira, Business Development Manager
Laava Smart Fingerprints®, product authentication technology

Why I love being in the Laava team

I love being around amazing people! It is gratifying to know that we are making a difference for our clients and the market has responded positively to this! It motivates me to know that we are bringing the future to the segment.

What are the most interesting benefits you see Smart Fingerprints having on the global community?

Making sure the client receives what they are paying for: buying a genuine product! After that, bringing the product to life and engaging the customer, so they can interact with the brand they love – making sure the company builds trust and motivates the customer to come back and re-buy.

What do you want to see Smart Fingerprints appear on?

I’m a big fan of soccer, and I know that counterfeiting of sports goods is a major issue worldwide. I would love to see millions of Laava Smart Fingerprints® printed on all major soccer clubs jerseys worldwide.