Tony Surtees

Cofounder and Chairman

Laava, Tony Surtees, Cofounder and Chairman
Laava Smart Fingerprints®, product authentication technology

Why I love being in the Laava team

Any society depends on trust in order to function. When trust is undermined, so is our capacity to live. I am proud to be part of a team who have used both ingenuity and determination to create a technology that will make everything more trustworthy, making our world a safer and better place for all of us.

What are the most interesting benefits you see Smart Fingerprints having on the global community?

Disruptive technologies become useful when they are significantly better than the things that they replace – not just a little better but 10 to 20 or even 100 times better. The Smart Fingerprint does this by making the integrity of things that we depend upon transparent to everyone without the need for special tools or technology. This makes the businesses and institutions who make things we depend upon become accountable to us, as well as rewarding them for being responsible. It also helps these businesses tell their story, putting the information that we consumers need right in our hands at the moment when it’s most important to us: when we are just about to buy something, consume something or use something.

What do you want to see Smart Fingerprints appear on?

It’s so easy to be misled by fake or out-of-date credentials. Imagine giving spoiled or contaminated food to a loved one simply because we didn’t know there was a problem. We are all dependent upon identity documents, financial statements and other documents. Now for the first time these documents can be easily checked in just one click. That makes the world much safer for all of us.