Tony Belasco

Global Head – Brand Protection & Document Security

Tony employee at laava
Laava Smart Fingerprints®, product authentication technology

Why I love being in the Laava team

I love working with the team at Laava because of their passion for helping prevent unnecessary risks in the supply chain with innovative anti-copy brand protection solutions.

What are the most interesting benefits you see Smart Fingerprints having on the global community?

I find Laava’s Smart Fingerprints provide a multifaceted bundle of what’s important to brands and consumers alike. Brands need a secure way to protect their products and communicate with consumers. For consumers, it is important for Smart Fingerprints to be an easy and reliable way to confirm that products are genuine and safe and, in turn, build trust. Having Smart Fingerprints will connect packaging to consumers and build loyalty.

What do you want to see Smart Fingerprints appear on?

With a few of our new advancements this year, I would want to see Smart Fingerprints secure life-risk applications in pharma, automotive, and consumables. Another area I see Smart Fingerprints gaining traction is the document security market for high-value documents, including visa labels and tax stamps.