Morgan Lean

Chief Research Officer

Laava, Morgan Lean, Chief Research Officer
Laava Smart Fingerprints®, product authentication technology

Why I love being in the Laava team

Laava has a competent team, with a great work ethic and shared vision of stopping counterfeit products. Laava has some amazing technology which allows me to use some high-concept complex systems to create tangible benefits to customers. Everyone works extremely hard to produce great results. The team is very supportive of each other and there is a high degree of trust between the members. Hard problems are very enjoyable for me to work on, so Laava really works for me.

What are the most interesting benefits you see Smart Fingerprints having on the global community?

Smart Fingerprints are an optical technology, which means they are resistant to certain cyber attacks. This makes them ideal for use in anti-counterfeit and identification in an increasingly competitive world with multiple bad actors.

What do you want to see Smart Fingerprints appear on?

I want to see them appear on machine parts eventually, but I’d also like to see them on high-end consumer goods like spirits and wines. Organic produce is also very appealing, especially meat, fish and honey.