Labelling and packaging system integration

Every business is unique, and of course labelling and packaging systems vary greatly too. Because of this we have created options to make it quick and easy to integrate Smart Fingerprints into your existing labelling and packaging systems and operations.

Many businesses have already become Laava customers, including Mildura Fruit Company and Reid Fruits. They quickly and seamlessly incorporated Smart Fingerprints into their labelling and packaging systems.

Get Smart Fingerprints on your products

Laava Smart Fingerprints are simple image files that work with any digitally-enabled print process.

Any commercial print or packaging specialist that uses a digital process can deploy Smart Fingerprints.

We can work with your printer, or you can choose a printer that Laava has established partnerships with.

Two ways to get started – you decide

1: Pre-printed labels on packaging

With this method, Smart Fingerprints could be on your products in as little as 48 hours.

Your Smart Fingerprints can be easily printed on labels or directly within packaging by any printer equipped with a digital / variable content print process. This can be a fully digital process, or a digital offset overlay process.

Laava enables pre-printed labels or packaging to be easily linked with data that you assign to your products at the time of production, or afterwards through our easy-to-use batch and sequencing technology.

This makes it easy if you need to order all your labels or packages in advance, or if you want to create specific scan experiences for each batch. You can order your Fingerprints in groupings called ‘collections’.

Collections can be as big or as small as your production runs. You can even have multiple collections – for example, one for each SKU – pre-printed and ready to be applied at the time of order fulfillment. It’s a flexible process, based on your business needs.

Reid Fruits, Mildura Fruit Company and Swift + Moore Beverages have used Laava pre-printed labels.

Laava Smart Fingerprints®, Labelling and packaging
2: On-demand printing

We can easily integrate with any production, packing or Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) solution you may already have in place.

Smart Fingerprints can be printed on-site and on-demand via a variety of digital processes, including thermal transfer and laser, with easy-to-apply print specifications.

Laava Connect enables packing and real-time integration with ERP systems and software such as Pack Manager and many others.

With the Laava Connect API, you can print and process Smart Fingerprints at the time of their application, giving you greater control and management of the product serialisation processes.

Smart Fingerprints can also be deployed in hybrid print environments, by overprinting digitally on pre-printed labels or packaging.

Hansen Orchards and HARPS have opted to use an on-demand printing process.

Laava Smart Fingerprints®, Labelling and packaging

Laava print and labelling partners

Got more questions about integrating and printing Smart Fingerprints onto your product labels or packaging? View our Laava Smart Fingerprint Specifications and Guidelines,
check out our FAQs, or just get in touch.

Labelling and print partnerships

If you are a labelling, printing or packaging business and want to find out more about partnering with Laava, visit our Partner Program page, or get in touch with us. We’d love to hear from you.