Laava partners with HARPS on document integrity

Laava and the Harmonised Australian Retailer Produce Scheme (HARPS) have partnered to protect the integrity of HARPS certificates.
Laava partners with HARPS on document integrity

The Harmonised Australian Retailer Produce Scheme (HARPS) is a voluntary certification scheme that harmonises all retailer-specific fresh food safety, trade and legal requirements of each of Australia’s five major grocery retailers (ALDI, Coles, Woolworths, Costco and Metcash) as well as Hello Fresh and McDonald’s Australia, into one scheme. All these retailers accept HARPS certification meaning, instead of having six individual food safety audits, there is only one.

Trust for HARPS certificate holders

Laava and the Harmonised Australian Retailer Produce Scheme (HARPS) announced last quarter that we have partnered to protect the integrity of HARPS certificates. For HARPS, it’s essential that certificate holders and reviewers can trust their certificates are the real thing.

Verification is simple:

  1. Use your mobile phone to visit the HARPS website
  2. Scan the secure Laava Smart Fingerprint® on your certificate
  3. Quickly verify the certificate’s authenticity.

Equally, for Australian growers, suppliers and exporters, we understand that it’s critical to ensure your consumers and trade customers are getting the real thing. Whether you’re selling in supermarkets or farmers markets, domestically or for export, packaging and labelling is often the primary means of communicating with retailers and consumers. Product packaging is a powerful tool, and ‘next generation’ connected packaging technology enabled by the Laava Smart Fingerprint® can deliver that assurance. Laava delivers trust through secure product authentication and supply chain traceability, with the added benefit of personalised consumer engagement experiences, such as exclusive competitions and promotions via social media.

“Proving the authenticity, origin, sustainability and other claims behind some of Australia’s iconic premium brands is important to shoppers, retailers and producers alike. Consumers in particular are becoming increasingly curious about the people, places and stories behind what they buy. And of course, they also want to know it’s the real thing.”

Gavin Ger, Laava Joint CEO

Case study: Reid Fruits

Reid Fruits, CherryHill Orchards, Bite Riot Cherries, Mildura Fruit Company and Tamburlaine Organic Wines are just a few of the innovative businesses collaborating with Laava.

Reid Fruits, the renowned exporter of premium Tasmanian cherries, was an early adopter of the technology for its 2019-20 cherry season. The Laava Smart Fingerprints® were incorporated onto over 340,000 cherry boxes, bound for 20 global markets. Around 150,000 boxes were sent to China, the company’s largest export market and also the destination where the Australian business has historically encountered counterfeit challenges.

In the first week of Reid Fruits boxes entering the Chinese market, the Laava back-end system detected 8 attempts to counterfeit the Laava Smart Fingerprints®. This early intervention proved pivotal, with only 2 more attempts detected in the rest of the season. Upon detection, the Laava Smart Fingerprint® was flagged in the back-end system. When consumers used their smartphone to scan a cherry box with a fake Reid Fruits label, they received a ‘Suspected Counterfeit’ message, alerting them that the product was not an authentic Reid Fruits product. They also received support information advising how to alert Reid Fruits of the issue.

Laava partners with HARPS on document integrity

After proving Laava’s effectiveness in one of the world’s toughest export markets, Reid Fruits elected to again work with Laava and its partners to bolster traceability, quality and supply chain security for its 2020-21 cherry season. Reid Fruits upgraded their solution to incorporate scientific proof of provenance (enabled through Source Certain International). The digital verification was enabled by scanning the Laava Smart Fingerprint® on Reid Fruits’ connected packaging. In parallel, Reid Fruits piloted with Laava partner Escavox to trial their Australian developed quality tracking solution on a select number of shipments. This commitment to innovation, quality, traceability and customer assurance resulted in a 70% reduction in counterfeit attempts, when compared with the previous season.

This result was dramatically lower than the 2018-19 season when Reid Fruits’ QR codes were faked to create counterfeit authentication experiences on counterfeit Reid Fruit boxes. This excerpt from an Austrade ‘Success Story’ details how Austrade worked with the Reid Fruits team in their battle against counterfeiters, providing alternate solutions that included Laava Smart Fingerprints®.

“I believe Australian food exporters as a whole will stand to benefit greatly from this technology, especially at a time when transparency and trust are becoming increasingly important.”

Tony Coad, Reid Fruits Marketing and Sales Manager


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