Laava newsletter: July 2021

Welcome to Laava’s latest newsletter. 2021 has been an incredibly exciting time for Laava. As a business, we have been focused on getting the Laava platform ready for massive scale, extending our footprint to a global one and growing our partnership ecosystem. Read on to learn more!

Welcome to our July Newsletter

On behalf of my Joint-CEO colleague Patrick Michel and myself, welcome to our July newsletter. 2021 has been an incredibly exciting time for Laava. As a business, we have been focused on three big missions this half year as we continue to build The Global Mark of Trust™:

  1. Getting the Laava platform ready for massive scale.
  2. Extending our footprint to a global one.
  3. Growing our partnership ecosystem.

You’ll see evidence of all of this in this edition, with many more exciting updates in the months ahead. The Laava team has done an incredible job getting the platform ready for virtually unlimited scale – quite an accomplishment given the degree of sophistication in the Laava platform.

I have been incredibly proud of the success of our strategic partnership with Tamburlaine Organic Wines (now extending out to 2 million bottles across the whole range); our first Bordeaux (and NFT!) wine project, courtesy of our partner Vinsent; our Federal Traceability Grant win with Seafood Industry Australia, Austral Fisheries and OpenSC; our first pharmaceutical and wellness deployment with Biogency; and our recently announced collaboration with world renowned National Geographic photographer Michael Yamashita to securely authenticate NFTs of Michael’s most iconic work.

There are many, many more amazing wins and stories which we will be announcing soon, so be sure to follow Laava on LinkedIn, Twitter, Insta and recently announced collaboration. We regularly update our newsroom and our blog at, so check in there as well.

On behalf of all of us here at Laava, I’d like to thank our amazing global network of partners, customers, investors and supporters, and look forward to exciting collaborations with you all this year!

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Gavin Ger, Laava Joint CEO

Securing wine futures with Laava-powered NFTs

Securing wine futures with Laava-powered NFTs

Vinsent and Laava are excited to announce our first collaboration, which features Laava Smart Fingerprints® on wines from iconic Bordeaux Chateaus, including the Chateau Angelus 2018 Saint-Emilion Grand Crus, pictured. Each bottle is ‘Vinsent Certified’, with the unique Laava Smart Fingerprint® securely authenticating the bottle with its digital record stored on the Ravencoin blockchain.

Through Vinsent’s digital trading marketplace, wine lovers can access boutique labels, limited production runs and special editions by trading in fine wine futures, or En Primeur – which is wine still in the barrel.

Wine futures are powered by the Ravencoin blockchain and enabled through an authentic, secure, and augmented digital representation – in other words, NFTs – while they are still in the barrel at partner wineries. Upon scanning the Laava Smart Fingerprint®, Vinsent customers securely authenticate their NFT, and experience the rich history and stories behind the wine.

Announcing our 2021 strategic partnership with Tamburlaine Organic Wines

Strategic partnership with Tamburlaine Wines

In quite possibly our biggest news so far, Laava is thrilled that Tamburlaine Organic Wines has partnered with us for a second season with our biggest run yet: more than 2 million individual Laava Smart Fingerprints® across the Tamburlaine range.

This includes not only Tamburlaine’s incredible On The Grapevine, Wine Lovers, Mark Davidson and Reserve Wines, but also their brand new label; the True Earth Collective. The True Earth Collective is a very special collaboration born from the shared beliefs in the criticality of organic and regenerative farming practices and environmental sustainability, between Tamburlaine and Jamie Durie.

The True Earth Collective provides the customer with a truly connected ‘on bottle’ digital experience, aligned with the sustainability mission. By purchasing and scanning the Laava Smart Fingerprints®:

  • Customers are securely connected with micro-investment platform Upstreet, and once signed up, can redeem $4 per bottle in fractional shares of a sustainability Exchange Traded Fund.
  • Customers are connected to Tamburlaine and Jamie Durie’s ‘vine to wine’ story, with exclusive content and promotions.

Product - In Focus

Every day at Laava is an opportunity to innovate. The first half of 2021 has seen enhancements to:
Scaling up… globally

Underpinning our goal to build The Global Mark of Trust™ is the ability to scale. Our team of engineers have been working extraordinarily hard behind the scenes to deliver significant enhancements across our architecture and infrastructure that ensures virtually unlimited scalability, no matter where our customers and partners are located around the world.

Introducing Laava Manage 2.0

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for our customers and partners to self-serve through our Laava Manage platform – from designing Fingerprints, integrating into labelling and packaging, and setting scan rules, through to creating results screens and more. We’re thrilled to announce new features that make it easier than ever to DIY with Laava.

With our new Results Screen Editor it’s easier than ever to design your own results screen flow:

  • Design your first result screen through filling in guided fields, uploading your chosen images and even picking your colour scheme.
  • Choose from a range of reusable content blocks that includes text, buttons, images, videos, recipes, timelines and social links. We are keen to expand these content blocks, so talk to us about what you would like to see added!
  • Automatically update your results screens as you edit them in preview mode.
  • Connect to Web Scanner or WeChat (and choose your language – English, Mandarin or Vietnamese).

We provide all the supporting documentation to help guide the whole process. It’s easy to sign up to Laava Manage and explore for yourself. Alternatively, drop us a line.

Laptop and mobile phone showing Laava's platforms
Enhancing the scan experience

Have you scanned a Laava Smart Fingerprint® lately? It’s easy to scan Fingerprints using your smartphone from, our Facebook page and from within WeChat. We’ve enhanced the scan experience by adding a scan guide – just place the Fingerprint within the white circle and let our web scanner do the rest.

We have also improved browser support for scanning. You can now scan Laava Smart Fingerprints® using all popular browsers on both iOS and Android devices.

In addition, did you know that our web scanner is easily integrated into both brand websites and apps? Many of our customers and partners deploy this way to enable seamless customer scanning experiences. Two of our partners, Upstreet and Vinsent, have integrated directly into their apps, while our Laava customers Tamburlaine Organic Wines, Reid Fruits and HARPS Online have integrated directly into their brand websites.

Have you ever been clickjacked?

A mobile phone scanning a QR code in a cafe

Have you ever even heard of clickjacking? It’s a type of online scam that can happen when the action someone has taken online is hijacked – that is, their click takes them somewhere different from where they were intending.

We take a closer look at the inherent risks, limitations and costs associated with QR scams, as well as alternative solutions available, in our blog post.

Laava in the news

Laava is making global headlines, and we are very happy to share the news. To stay connected with all media and press releases check our newsroom at

Laava socials

Shout out to our customers Biogency, who have been fantastic at showcasing their products featuring Laava Smart Fingerprints®. Protecting their premium brand and patented product formulations from copycats and fakes is critical to them, which is why they’ve utilised not just Laava but also Australian Made and a team of social influencers to make sure their customers know they’re getting the real thing.

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