Laava newsletter: Edition 1

Welcome to Laava’s first newsletter. Whether you’re a Laava customer, partner, advisor or investor, we’re pleased to share our recent news and keep you in the loop with developments at Laava. Read about safeguarding Australia’s citrus exports, partnerships and product features.

Safeguarding Australia's citrus exports

The Australian citrus industry eclipsed the $540 million mark in exports in 2018–19: a record 304,000 tonnes of high-quality citrus were exported. To further grow and safeguard this valuable Australian industry, Laava collaborated on the Citrus Traceability Pilot Project; results are now on the Agriculture Victoria website.

Laava took part in the pilot project in partnership with Citrus Australia, Agriculture Victoria, Mildura Fruit Company, Nu Leaf IP and Trust Provenance.

Working in partnership

One of our key partnerships is with APAC Provenance, which allows us to work with technology, packaging, marketing and other leaders in key export related sectors to create trusted, resilient and efficient supply chains for exporters. Laava is a founding member of APAC Provenance, with Fresh Supply Co. and Source Certain International – who recently contributed an articulate explanation of the importance of traceability and provenance verification to Australia’s export market.

Read more about becoming a Laava partner.

“Incidents like product substitution, contamination (deliberate or accidental) and false labelling put Australia’s reputation for being a high quality, reliable and safe food producer at risk. We rely on this reputation to drive the growing export market of the horticulture industry and demand for the premium produce grown in Australia. To minimise these risks, a combination of digital traceability and scientific provenance verification needs to be put in place to track and verify food authenticity as it travels from producer to customer.”

Source Certain International

Counterfeit: the problem is real

The OECD tells us that global trade in counterfeit goods is worth A$700 billion every year. And the number is growing: Frontier Economics reports that by 2022 the global value of counterfeiting and piracy will be close to US$2.8 trillion. We welcome the Federal Government’s announcement that it will review the patent system, including the ability of small and medium-sized businesses to enforce their intellectual property rights.

Meet team Laava

Laava, Morgan Lean, Chief Research Officer

Morgan Lean is Laava’s Chief Research Officer. He’s also part of Laava’s origin story – from the start, Morgan insisted we rethink the scannable code and focus on an optical unique identifier. It was a huge departure from the norm and a big risk, but it paid off thanks to Morgan’s creativity and diverse skills. Today, Morgan oversees research work (new algorithms, systems, tech) and design of complex optical and matching systems.

“I want to see Laava Smart Fingerprints® appear on machine parts eventually, but I’d also like to see them on high-end consumer goods like spirits and wines. Organic produce is also very appealing, especially meat, fish and honey.”

Morgan Lean, Chief Research Officer

New: Analytics Dashboard in Laava Manage

With the launch of the new Laava website, we released our self-serve platform Laava Manage, which allows customers to design Fingerprints, integrate them into existing labelling and packaging systems, make and set scanning rules, create results screens and more.

We’ve also introduced a brand new Analytics Dashboard within Laava Manage. Now, customers and partners can easily view their scan results and discover essential data, like:

  • how many times consumers have scanned on-product Laava Smart Fingerprints®
  • the number of unique Fingerprints that have been scanned
  • when Fingerprints are being scanned, and the location
  • whether unique Fingerprints register multiple scans, which can be useful in identifying unusual scanning activity.

It’s easy to sign up to Laava Manage and explore for yourself. Alternatively, reach out:

  • For commercial and partnership enquiries, email Gavin Ger, Joint CEO and Commercial Director
  • For investor enquiries, email Patrick Michel, Cofounder and Joint CEO.


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