Laava newsletter: April 2022

Welcome to Laava’s first newsletter for 2022! It’s been an incredible start to the year for the Laava team and our partners – with new projects and partnerships, returning customers, and exciting product enhancements that our customers are loving.

Welcome to our April Newsletter

Welcome to Laava’s first newsletter for 2022! It’s been an incredible start to the year for the Laava team and our partners – with new projects and partnerships, returning customers, and exciting product enhancements that our customers are loving.

But first, an exciting announcement! We’re honoured to have been accepted into the Investment NSW Going Global Export Program, which will give us a major boost to our plans to build our business globally. The program will assist us to take Laava Smart Fingerprints to the UK market, where the medical technologies sector turns over A$40 billion annually. We’ll make further announcements as the program commences, so keep an eye on our LinkedIn page. In the meantime, big thanks to Investment NSW, Think & Grow, and the NSW Government for the vote of confidence, and especially for recognising our work in the health and wellness sector.

In case you missed it, we’ve put together just a few highlights from 2021 and our goals for this year, which you can read on our blog.

We’re looking forward to sharing more news from our amazing projects across a range of industries. Here’s just a small taste of what’s to come:

● health and wellness with medicinal cannabis manufacturer Canngea

● growers and producers like Apple and Pear Australia Ltd

● NFT artists, via our work with Fishackathon organiser Eachmile Technologies 

● wine and liquor – in the bottle with Argentinian based Aluvion Wines and NFT wine futures with Vinsent

● document security, with Reid Fruits expanding their engagement

● fashion and apparel… read on for more!

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On behalf of my Joint-CEO colleague Patrick Michel and the whole team, as always, I’d like to thank our partners, customers, investors, and supporters all around the world. Enjoy the read.

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Gavin Ger, Laava Joint CEO

Hey Dude Shoes

Shoes to take Laava everywhere

Born in Italy, raised in the world and recently acquired by internationally renowned company Crocs for $2.5 billion, Hey Dude Shoes is a high-growth company that sold 25million+ pairs of shoes in 2021 alone. Hey Dude was recently voted the fastest-growing casual footwear brand in the USA, by The NPD Group.

We’re incredibly excited to be working with this creative and innovative team, who are deploying Laava Smart Fingerprints to:

  • protect their brand through authentication
  • deliver engaging consumer experiences.

Chief Operating Officer at Hey Dude Shoes, Christopher Martin, said he’s excited to partner with Laava for the label’s brand protection solution.

“Working with an innovative company like Laava enables Hey Dude to bring a secure, scannable product authentication technology that gives customers confidence that their latest pair of Hey Dude Shoes are genuine and authentic.

“We look forward to developing this platform with Laava and providing our customers with shoes that can take you anywhere.”

Hey Dude Shoes isn’t the first apparel and footwear business to sport Laava Smart Fingerprints as part of their premium labelling, authentication and customer engagement strategy. For more, check out news of our partnership with Feedelon, a global e-commerce platform that curates and promotes emerging, sustainable and innovative brands.

Fake Pharma

Don’t fall for fake pharma: solving a global problem

Counterfeit medicines are a global problem, with fake pharmaceuticals making up the world’s largest fraud market: over $A200bn per year. Laava is at the frontline in this fight against counterfeit pharmaceuticals, working right now with brands like Biogency Pty Ltd to protect their products from copycats and to tell their trusted brand story using Laava Smart Fingerprints – our secure connected packaging solution.

Biogency is the renowned brand of choice for Asian consumers throughout South-East Asia, and with a fast-growing customer base in Australia. Their high-sales success has made them the target of look-alikes and counterfeits in international markets – creating a health risk for consumers who fall for the fake. With Laava Smart Fingerprints now featuring on four of Biogency’s innovative nutraceutical products, customers can have absolute confidence that they are purchasing the real thing.

Biogency CEO Jimmy Tang said customer feedback has been positive. “The unique design of the Laava Smart Fingerprint, and the scanning experience, makes Biogency products stand out from other products that use traditional QR codes,” he said.In coming weeks, we’ll have more announcements to make about customers in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and wellness industries, including an exciting collaboration with  TruTrace Technologies.

Continual product innovation at Laava

Every day at Laava is an opportunity to innovate. Feedback from our customers and partners continue to inspire us on ways we can improve Laava to make it the most secure, engaging, and insightful solution of its kind. Enjoy this round-up of exciting new features.

Laava global mapping and analytics dashboard

Laava customers and partners now have access to consumer scanning and engagement insights on a global basis, with sophisticated real-time mapping and drill-down capabilities – following a major enhancement to Laava’s back-end platform “Laava Manage”.

Not only are scans dynamically mapped, but individual Laava Fingerprints can be analysed in terms of scanning patterns, alerts, and other critical insights – enabling brand owners to see where their products end up, keep a real-time eye on any potential nefarious activity and gain valuable insights into which kinds of marketing content or campaigns are gaining market traction.


Laava 'drag and drop' Digital Experience Builder

Two key features in our latest release make it even easier for customers to do it themselves – from label design all the way through to printing.

Experience builder: drag-and-drop design

It’s now super easy and fast to create and maintain your Laava digital experiences. With our new Experience Builder, anyone can build their own interactive and engaging Laava results screens using Laava’s easy-to-use drag-and-drop features – no coding or design skills required.

This revolutionary new capability further elevates Laava above competitors who often require complex graphic design or HTML coding skills – and puts the ability to create highly engaging digital experiences – including rich multi-media content, competitions, rewards, consumer registration, and social media –  into the hands of anyone.

Ready to try it out?

Laava's new range of Off-The-Shelf Standard Labels

Laava’s new off-the-shelf labels will enable customers to be up and running with Laava Smart Fingerprints cost-effectively and in record time.

We’re bringing our hard-won experience from dozens of successful projects to its partners and customers – leveraging successful product labeling experience from industries as varied as Wines & Spirits, to Pharmaceuticals, Premium Foods, and Consumer Products – to dramatically accelerate ‘time to live’ for your next connected packaging project.

The new feature release consolidates the ‘best of the best’ of its label designs in a wide variety of form factors and sizes to suit almost any application – and all will be pre-priced, ready for immediate purchase, and delivered within a matter of days.

Brands can choose to have their own logos and websites featured on labels, or use the “Laava tick” and the mobile web scanner immediately available for consumer and end-user scanning.

The new Standard Labels are available to trial right now before a broader website launch later this year. Keen to learn more? 

Laava Labels

Team Laava

We’d like to introduce Laava’s new Business Development Manager, Victor Silveira. With a background in international business, enterprise sales and start-ups, Victor is perfectly placed to drive Laava’s global growth objectives. His professional experience also includes senior roles with the American Chamber of Commerce and one of Brazil’s largest compliance companies, as well as a number of start-ups.

As well as his Portuguese-speaking fluency, Victor has brought to Laava his passion for driving customer and partner success, and his extensive expertise in Latin American markets. While driving our local and global expansion, he will also leverage his expertise in key industry verticals, including pharmaceuticals, health and wellness, wines and spirits, premium foods, and footwear.

In fact, Victor is already leading our engagement with Uniagro, Brazil’s premier importer and distributor of dried fruits, nuts and spices, and Aluvión Wines, a small artisanal wine label exporting premium wine made from vineyards in Argentina, at the foot of the Andes.

“There are a small number of tech companies who I believe have the opportunity to be the customer digital experience transformation leaders of our generation. In my view, Laava is in the pole position.”

Victor Silveira, Business Development Manager, Laava

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