Laava and Michael Yamashita collaborate on M.Y. Earth NFT Collection

Laava is proud to announce our collaboration with world renowned National Geographic Society photographer Michael Yamashita and Laava Partner 1King Media Group. Michael is celebrating his illustrious career spanning three decades with the launch of his groundbreaking M.Y. Earth NFT Collection.
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The Child in Yellow, Michael Yamashita. Taken at Labrang Monastery in Gansu, China. This NFT is powered by D-ID’s award-winning facial AI software, and secured by Laava Smart Fingerprints®.

The M.Y. Earth Collection is a limited edition NFT release of Michael Yamashita’s most iconic photographs, each secured by a Laava Smart Fingerprint®. The NFT collection includes limited release photographs and digital collaborations with other NFT artists, as well as incredible photo-video animations that breathe life into Michael’s most recognisable still images. These extraordinary effects are accomplished utilising D-ID’s state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence based technology.

The collection will be available exclusively through Open Edition and Tiered Auctions held over two days: 20 July and 2 August 2021. The auctions will be hosted by Origin Protocol, the global powerhouse behind numerous high-profile NFT drops. To learn more, visit the auction page.

Not only is the M.Y. Earth Collection blurring the boundaries between analog and digital mediums; it is promoting a strong global environmental sustainability message to preserve the beautiful landscapes that feature within Michael Yamashita’s work. All proceeds from the NFT auctions will be utilised to offset the carbon usage of every NFT minted as of Earth Day 2021 (22 April).

Laava Smart Fingerprints® secure NFT authentication

Each NFT in the M.Y. Earth Collection will be issued a unique Laava Smart Fingerprint® enabling secure authentication of the NFT stored on the blockchain, and connecting the owner directly to the digital artwork, exclusive back-story and other content from Michael Yamashita and the environmental sustainability mission. The Laava Smart Fingerprint® enables owners to share and experience their NFTs securely in the physical, as well as digital, worlds.

Additionally, Laava Smart Fingerprints® will be featured on a very special limited edition run of physical Michael Yamashita prints, beside the artist’s signature. Each Laava Smart Fingerprint® will enable secure authentication and connection of the physical artwork with the digital NFT.

Window on MY World, Michael Yamashita. Taken in Songtsam Lodge in Tacheng, Yunnan Province, China. “So often I’ve wanted to share the experience of being there … With this NFT, I can immerse others in the moment I clicked the shutter.”

​​The M.Y. Earth Collection is a true innovation, taking the art of still photography into the digital frontier while retaining a strong sense of purpose in driving global sustainability practices. Laava is honoured to be part of such a groundbreaking collaboration.

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For media inquiries about how Laava is working with Michael Yamashita to secure the authentication of the M.Y. Earth NFT Collection, contact Laava.

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