Laava 2021 Highlights

Laava has always been devoted to innovation and the success of our partners and customers. We’re ambitiously planning to achieve big milestones this year. We’ll be introducing a number of new self-service capabilities, even more advanced brand protection features, and more ways than ever for partners and brands to build Laava into their platforms and apps.

Achievements in 2021

As we look to the future, we also thought it was worth reflecting on some of our achievements in 2021:

Together with our Customers

Many of Asia-Pacific’s leading Premium Foods & Beverage exporters are now on board with Laava including New Zealand avocados, Tasmanian Cherries, Australian Wagyu Beef, Patagonian Toothfish, Australian Citrus, and Premium Wines from Australia and Argentina.

We’ve also deployed Laava on NFTs, artworks, documents and certificates – not to mention our first Pharma & Wellness, Footwear & Apparel and Consumer Products customers!

For our Partners

Laava is incredibly honoured to count some of the world’s leading printing, packaging, traceability, blockchain and marketing specialists as part of our partner ecosystem. Our global partner network has provided incredible support to Laava – so valuable for a business driving dramatic innovation, making it easy for the market to adopt. We thank our partners for their amazing support.

We encourage you to explore each of our partners and their capabilities, including:

Laava Product Development

We’ve continuously improved our platform to make it easier for customers and partners to generate and download Fingerprints, create their own Results Screens, track their scans globally, and load metadata. 2021 has been a tremendous year and with many upcoming features and additions to come, we know that 2022 is going to deliver a string of successes.

We look forward to sharing our product releases, global expansion plans and customer stories of brand protection and consumer engagement with you throughout the year. Never miss out on an update by subscribing to our newsletter here. 

To learn more about how Laava can protect your brand against counterfeit and build customer connection and loyalty, contact our friendly team today.