How to order

It’s quick and easy to get started with Laava. Sign up for Laava Manage, our customer portal. Design your Fingerprints and integrate them into your existing labelling and packaging systems. Make and set scanning rules, create your results screens and access scan reporting to monitor your Smart Fingerprint activity. Need help to get started? We have FAQs available and a LiveChat option, or get in touch

Steps to order

Sign up

It’s quick and easy. Pick a plan and sign up online: we only need your name, number, email address and some company info for verification and to get you started.

Order your Fingerprints

Log into the Laava Manage platform, create a project and order your Smart Fingerprints. At the time of ordering, you can customise the look of your Fingerprints by uploading an image to the centre.

Design your scan results screen

Your verification screen confirms your products are genuine, and connects you directly with your global consumers. Include your website address, a product reorder option, a video showcasing where your produce is grown – whatever marketing collateral best fits your business.

Create your own business rules

Set your Fingerprint tracking and scanning rules, based on your product distribution model. If the scanning rules you set are broken, you and the end-user will be notified, potentially foiling a counterfeit attempt.

Apply your Laava Smart Fingerprints®

Download and print your Fingerprints®, or connect to Laava through our API. Laava’s system can integrate seamlessly with your existing design, printing, packaging and distribution suppliers. Quick turn-around times – Fingerprints can be delivered within 48 hours, depending on requirements.

(and/or) Use Laava's integration tools

Laava partners with leading packaging, labelling, traceability, provenance assurance and blockchain businesses – you can choose to utilise Laava’s partners if you prefer.

Monitor your scanning activity

Log into Laava Manage at your convenience to monitor scanning activity, extract raw data and analyse results.

Order more Laava Smart Fingerprints® as you need them

When you need more Fingerprints, quickly and easily order online via Laava Manage.

Still have questions?

Read our FAQs for more information. Start a conversation via our LiveChat or contact the Laava Customer Support team.