Here's how it works

It’s proven technology. Laava Smart Fingerprints® offer significant security and customer connection benefits. Consumers use their smartphone to scan the Fingerprint, receiving a verification of the product’s authenticity and connecting them with the brand story. Laava provides the trusted gateway for brands to prove the claims they make, and to connect directly with consumers.
Consumer visits the brand website on their smart phone
No app to download.
Scan the unique Laava Smart Fingerprint®

Consumer scans the unique Smart Fingerprint. It is matched on the secure Laava platform, and its business rules are checked to determine authenticity.

Verify product authenticity

Consumer sees a response confirming the authenticity of the product – or alerting them if the product is a ‘suspected counterfeit’.

Enjoy exciting brand experiences

Consumer is exposed to rich information about that unique item, such as the product’s origin, brand story, unique offers or opportunities to engage deeper.

How it works, Laava Smart Fingerprints®

Everybody wins

Laava provides the trusted gateway for brands to prove their claims. The consumer sees a verification that they have the real thing, not a counterfeit product, and can connect directly with the brands they love and trust.

Laava Smart Fingerprints®, product authentication technology

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We have created options to make it as quick and easy as possible for you to integrate Laava Smart Fingerprints® into your company’s existing labelling and packaging systems.

We are partnering with leaders in blockchain and traceability technology.

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