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Brand Protection

Brand protection strategies just got smarter

Protect your brand, protect your business. Learn more about brand protection strategies that are working for business leaders around the globe. From designer shoes to pharmaceutical supplements, from Indigenous artworks to award-winning cherries – Laava’s proven technology is available now, and it’s helping to combat the counterfeiters and protect brands.

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End of Year Wrap Up Video

As Laava looks to the future and continues its global expansion in the brand protection industry, it’s been a pleasure to look back on 2022 and relive some of our highlights and achievements.

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Boosting Consumer enegagment

Boosting consumer engagement for your brand with Laava Smart Fingerprints®

As a business owner or marketer, you know how important it is to build strong relationships with your customers. Whether it’s to increase consumer loyalty, collect valuable data and insights or promote your latest product, it’s critical.

Our innovative Laava Smart Fingerprints® can help your brand to reach new heights of consumer engagement. Laava’s next generation secure connected packaging suite allows you to create interactive and engaging consumer experiences, including offering exclusive competitions, rewards, video and more – all directly and securely. Read on to learn how!

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Can QR codes be dangerous?

Security experts have long warned that QR codes are a growing problem – and there is increasing awareness of their risks among businesses, policy makers and even consumers. Terms like substitution, spoofing, bad actors and malware appear more and more often in connection with QR codes… so can QR codes be dangerous? And is there an alternative?

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Driving conversion and revenue with connected packaging: 3 ways to win over consumers

Connected packaging isn’t the way of the future. It’s here now, and it’s being used by switched-on brands globally. Gavin Ger, CEO and Co-Founder, shares three ways that brands use connected products to create brand value, convert interest and generate revenue.

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Laava: Protecting and enhancing brands across the globe

Connected packaging solutions have wide appeal, but not all are created equal – and not all are suitable for the world’s mass premium products, which often have specific brand protection and digital storytelling needs!

All around the world, in every sector, businesses are using Laava Smart Fingerprints® to protect their brands and deliver class-leading consumer experiences. We’ve assembled a selection from our growing global customer base. ​

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Laava newsletter: August 2022

As anyone who’s recently had the chance to travel again for business will confirm, it’s exciting to be meeting partners and customers face to face again – something that video conferences just can’t match!

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Laava newsletter: April 2022

Welcome to Laava’s first newsletter for 2022! It’s been an incredible start to the year for the Laava team and our partners – with new projects and partnerships, returning customers, and exciting product enhancements that our customers are loving.

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Laava 2021 Highlights

Laava has always been devoted to innovation and the success of our partners and customers. We’re ambitiously planning to achieve big milestones this year. We’ll be introducing a number of new self-service capabilities, even more advanced brand protection features, and more ways than ever for partners and brands to build Laava into their platforms and apps.

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Authenticating NFT wine with blockchain

Laava is working with companies around the world, taking the fight against counterfeit right to the front line, but we’re still excited by spotting our partners and customers in the news. Read on to see how our work with Vinsent on NFT wine futures caught the attention of an international crypto expert.

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