Blockchain and traceability: easy two-way integration

It’s easy to integrate Laava with the traceability, ERP, blockchain, NFT and marketing platforms your business already uses. More secure than QR codes and more cost-effective than NFC, Laava Smart Fingerprints® are the secure on-product gateway that can be fully white-labelled. It’s quick and easy to get started with The Global Mark of Trust™, with flexible options including drag-and-drop digital experience content tools, sophisticated analytics and a full suite of APIs, all of which support GS1 standards.

How it works

Laava provides the secure on-product trust mark and secure gateway to traceability, ERP and NFT platforms. 

Once a product with a corresponding traceability, ERP or NFT partner platform record is linked to Laava, consumers and supply chain users can scan the Smart Fingerprint to receive instant product verification, as well as real-time traceability or provenance data from the partner platform. 

Integration is seamless – and can also be bi-directional – thanks to our partnerships with established platform providers in the blockchain, traceability, ERP, NFT and other sectors. Laava scans can access the latest on-chain or online data via our webhook and API integration capabilities. Laava can also ‘push’ Laava scan data and insights back to the platform. This enables full closed-loop analytics and insights for our partners and their customers.

Finally, all aspects of the Laava solution can be white-labelled – from the Smart Fingerprints to the digital experiences they unlock – and platform partners can order, cache and issue Smart Fingerprints to their customers directly. Even the Laava web scanner and WeChat scanner can be white-labelled!

All of this unlocks new and immersive consumer experiences, including end-to-end traceability, digital twinning, secure gamification, access to NFTs, access to other kinds of rewards such as fractional shares, and more.

Join the growing number of technology platforms and partners globally partnering with Laava to deliver trusted and immersive digital experiences to their customers using The Global Mark of Trust. 

Flexible solutions

Part of your stack

Laava isn’t a replacement for distributed ledger technology (DLT), NFT, traceability, IoT, or packing or manufacturing systems. Smart Fingerprints are the secure, scannable, serialised and white-labellable on-product gateway these platforms have been waiting for. 

More secure than QR codes, and easier and more cost effective than NFC tags – Smart Fingerprints can be digitally transmitted globally, and printed using conventional digital printing technology.

Stand-alone and modular use cases

Smart Fingerprints can also be used stand-alone if your business needs require it. Laava customers and partners have the option to add IoT, RFID and a host of brand protection capabilities in a modular or staged approach at any time, courtesy of Laava’s global partner ecosystem and interoperability capabilities

Integrate via Laava Connect

Laava Connect is the API toolkit to easily implement and connect your unique Smart Fingerprints with other systems and technologies you may already have in place. Laava Connect is part of Laava’s developer portal, which includes a suite of resources for technical users.

Laava Smart Fingerprints®, Blockchain traceability
Laava Smart Fingerprints®, product authentication technology

Become a Laava partner

Laava partners with world-leading experts in: 

  • Traceability, blockchain, NFT and ERP platforms
  • Forensic, covert and brand protection partners
  • Printing and packaging
  • Marketing, services and platforms
  • Professional services.

We also collaborate with industry groups, government agencies and peak bodies. Our ecosystem grows every day, and we are always keen to form new partnerships. To learn more about our Laava partner program, get in touch with us today. 

Laava Connect in action

The Laava Connect API toolkit has all the information to answer your questions. Or get in touch with us… we are here to help.

Laava Traceability, blockchain and ERP platform partners

Still have questions?

Read our FAQs for more information. Start a conversation via our LiveChat or contact the Laava Customer Support team.